Moving to a new firm can be a difficult step to take, but when handled well, it can be a major step in the right direction. Our on-boarding process enables you to retain the clients you want while establishing a practice that is truly your own.

STEP 1: Home Office Visit

We start with a home office visit (HOV) as a comprehensive introduction to the team of professionals who will play a role in the transition and ongoing support of your business.

STEP 2: Transition Team Meeting

Our dedicated Transition Team hosts a number of planning sessions with you leading up to your join date, starting with creating a detailed and customized plan of how the transition will unfold. Our team is guided by well established procedures and processes. Our goal is to help you reach maximum productivity in the shortest amount of time and with minimal disruption to your practice and clients.

STEP 3: Communication Tools

A number of resources are made available for creating a better client experience. Key items like personalized websites and client notifications are developed, which will help you connect with your client base during the transition.

STEP 4: Growth Opportunities

We introduce you to important contacts in the branch for specialized resources and senior staff access. We then look at the options for practice development and models, desktop systems and marketing strategy.

STEP 5: Entrance Workshop

One week prior to your move, we host a final review on conducting a smooth transfer and becoming part of Raymond James and the Cathedral culture.

STEP 6: Official Transfer

Your Transition Specialist ensures you and your staff are trained on our systems and documentation procedures. We will also lead the repapering effort as well as help facilitate the dialogue with your clients.

STEP 7: Integration Support

We initiate the ongoing support you receive as part of the Cathedral branch, in order to help you develop best-in-class practice management techniques, custom marketing material and growth strategies.

We understand that choosing a firm that suits your professional standards and unique business style requires diligent information gathering and evaluation. For further information on how we can support you, please visit or call Jock Ross at 604-654-1168.